Budding Beauty All Around!

Springtime in our beloved college town brings thousands of Penn Staters out of hibernation and onto the beautiful grounds of Dear Old State, where squirrels scamper, birds chirp and Lions roar. . . lots of natural beauty budding all over campus!

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Photos from 125th Reunion

You asked, and here they are. We now have the photo gallery from the Psi Chapter 125th dinner / reception available.

There are almost 700 shots, with some nice outdoor shots of the House at the end.

Our photographer - William Ames - has set up a link to the gallery:

You can view and download any photos, and you can also purchase the photos directly from the site.


Phi Kappa Sigma..Men of Honor

One of the oldest and most reputable international fraternities in the world, Phi Kappa Sigma looks for those who are dedicated to improving themselves and the community through enriching experience in academics, service, and leadership. Brotherhood, quality, and commitment are the fibers that comprise a strong International Fraternity. Our Brothers choose men to become members based on the worth of their character, not superficialities like race, religion, or wealth.

With over one-hundred fifty years of experience, Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity continues to produce loyal and outstanding members and we are proud to have been calling ourselves “Men of Honor” since 1850.