Congrats To All Penn State Seniors Who Graduated This Spring!

TJ Griffin is an Immunology and Infectious Disease major from Middlesex, NJ. TJ was the Brotherhood Chair for Phi Kappa Sigma. TJ was also a part of Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences as the Community Service Chair and Treasurer. In addition, TJ was part of a Rules and Regulations THON committee for 2 years. TJ's favorite part of Phi Kappa Sigma was hanging out with his brothers, especially his pledge class. TJ's advice to Phi Kappa Sigma brothers and Penn State students is, "Don't take a single day at Penn State for granted, make many memories and study hard because before you know it, you'll be leaving this place with a bright future ahead of you."

We know that TJ is leaving Penn State with a bright future ahead of him. As TJ always says, "LETS GO STATE!"

Why Did You Join Skulls and What Does the Brotherhood Mean To You?

Mike Rycheck ‘87

“I joined a fraternity to make friends and enjoy my time at Penn State and to have a place to return to.

What I learned was that the bond with the brotherhood is the strongest bond I will ever have. Most of my close friends I stay in touch with and truly trust are from the fraternity.  I have a group of friends that I can trust and lean on the rest of my life.”

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