Veteran’s Day 2018

Thank you to all Skull Brothers who have served, as we take a look back on how Penn State assisted the war effort in 1918.

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Grenade throwing, bayonet practice and trench construction were all very much a part of life on Penn State's University Park campus  100 years ago. While a military component had always been a part of the University’s curriculum, World War I brought about a military presence the likes of which the campus had never seen. Protecting our nation was a compelling ideal for many Americans.

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Skull House 1944 Flasback

Great photos are part of our storied Penn State History and with Veteran's Day approaching, we thought we'd share this photo, titled "Penn State at war," circa, 1944. Many Brothers were called away at this time to serve their country heroically, some did not return. We honor those men today and everyday.

Chapter Eternal

HouseWinterOur thoughts are with the friends and families of the following Skull Brothers, as reported in the latest issue of the Penn Stater Magazine:

James E. Drylie '43
Robert S. Keller '50
Anthony M. Ryan '63

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