Brothers - Be On The Lookout

Brothers - Be On The LookoutBrothers of the Bone-

We're midway through our giving year, which began January 1. Thank you to the Brothers who have contributed so far and are listed HERE. We started the year strong, but recently, donations have stalled. The new school year is underway at University Park, and the Brothers need your support. Please consider making a contribution via one of the easy options listed HERE. Our continued Alumni Relations program relies on you, our loyal donors - Psi only exists because of the hard work of our volunteers and donors. Furthermore, be on the lookout for our printed, mailed appeal letter, asking for your contribution. Any amount goes a long way in supporting these mailings and electronic communications, along with the day-to-day costs of operating our House at 234 E. Beaver Ave.

Speaking Of.......

Now that you have seen and read about the luxury of present-day East Halls, take a look at this flashback gem of parking lot 80, which often was a frozen tundra and source of tumultuous trips across campus for many a freshmen at Penn State. It was rumoured among many that students had even been known to disappear!

If you're one of the lucky ones who made it, this photo is sure to bring frigged chills to your body!

Not Your Father's East Halls

How many of our Skull Brothers lived in Eats Halls as part of the freshmen experience at Penn State? Share your memories with our alumni relations partner at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today!

For Penn State alum Chris Guarino (’94, Business Logistics), everything about moving his freshman son Tyler into McKean Hall—the same East Halls dorm Guarino had moved into as a freshman in 1990—was very different this time around.

“McKean Hall,” he texted flatly to several of his former floor-mates last Friday night, along with a series of pictures of present-day McKean that rendered their memories of the building they once called home utterly foreign. Visual proof of its recent renovations left the group of alums shocked and disoriented.

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